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Parenting a child with a speech disorder can make even the best parents feel guilty, frustrated and overwhelmed

but you can feel...


Information is power. Learn about your child's speech disorder, how to break  goals down into manageable steps, and fit fun practice into your life to keep you and your child motivated.  When you have information, everything will seem less overwhelming.  You'll feel confident with a system you can replicate throughout your child's speech journey and eliminate that awful feeling of ineffectiveness.


Parent guilt is everywhere and it can be all-consuming.  The best way to eliminate this is to follow a plan of action where you can see your success. I will help you personalize the program for you and your child, and be there to troubleshoot along the way. Personal coaching helps you feel assured that you're giving your child what's needed. 


Imagine your child was on a waiting list, or your speech therapist took an extended vacation, or you felt disconnected from the therapy your child was receiving. Now imagine you knew your child would be fine.  You could continue working on goals, set new goals, and find fun ways to work it into everyday life. You could shake off all of those frustrations with the "system" and feel empowered to take the lead.

I believe the world needs to hear your child's voice

I'm Rebecca Thompson, creator of Speech Sound Synergy. I’m one of those people who really loves what they do. There is nothing better than helping children share awesome ideas in ways everyone can understand. Sadly, though, the path to clear speech isn’t always an easy one for children or parents.

 I started my career as a Speech-Language Pathologist in a government-funded children’s treatment centre with very long waiting lists. For thirteen years I provided assessment and therapy for children with a variety of communication difficulties, including late talkers, motor speech disorders, childhood apraxia of speech, articulation delays, phonological delays, stuttering, developmental delays, receptive and expressive language delays, and autism. Knowing the importance of early intervention yet seeing little ones wait so many months for help felt wrong to me, both for the children and their parents. There is nothing worse than knowing your child is struggling and not getting the help you need. Along the way, I’ve also had the opportunity to work in the public school system. Here my role was to consult with teachers to address their student’s communication disorders in the classroom. After working closely with parents for so many years, it felt very disconnected to have the teacher as the primary contact. The teachers were addressing 25 students’ needs in the class, but each child is their parent’s number one priority. Having parents so far removed from the equation didn’t add up for me.

In 2012, I decided to move into private practice full time. Here, I had the chance to start working with children at a much earlier age and work more closely with parents to coach them along their way. Being a mother of three myself I know all too well that fitting extra work into a busy life can be stressful. Parents can end up feeling ineffective, guilty, and overwhelmed with the demands of parenting children with communication disorders. My mission is to equip parents with a path to lead their child to clear speech, help them feel assured that they are doing the right thing, and empower them as they nurture the next generation of communicators so we can have clear voices for a better tomorrow.

What is Speech Sound Synergy?


Speech Sound Synergy is a digital course that empowers parents to bring their best to raising their child with a speech sound disorder. Correcting speech sound disorders is a process, and the length of time that it takes varies for each individual child.  Some factors, such as severity, and amount of intervention play a role.  But what I have found through years of clinical practice, is that how a parent and child work together can be the most powerful predictor of outcome.  Speech Sound Synergy equips you with the knowledge of how to work through your child’s goals in a systematic way. It also helps you discover how to maximize your connection so you can accelerate progress in a way that fits in your life.  This program is meant to free you from your feelings of guilt, ineffectiveness, and overwhelm, and help you feel effective, assured, and empowered with the tools that you need to transform your child’s speech.

I also offer private coaching for parents who wish to supplement their digital learning with additional support and accountability. 

Who benefits from Speech Sound Synergy


This program may be right for your child if s/he: 


is between 3 and 10 years-old


is speaking in sentences


is difficult to understand


has speech errors that impact clarity 


Speech sound synergy is right for you if any of these are true: 


You’re feeling ineffective, guilty, or overwhelmed by the demands of parenting a child with a speech sound disorder.


You recognize your power as the most important person in your child’s life to create real and lasting change. 


You and your partner want a program where it is easy to be equally involved.


You’re ready to create a fun and loving space for your child to move toward clear speech at home with as much professional support as you need.

How does Speech Sound Synergy Work?


The digital course includes:

Online learning modules to equip you with information to work through your child’s goals in a systematic way.


Access to the Speech Sound Synergy Facebook group for quick answers to your questions and a place to post for accountability.


Private coaching packages are also available to help you personalize the system and   problem-solve along the way.


Speech Sound Synergy is a transformation that takes from 8-12 weeks.  The modules are presented in bite-sized units with corresponding activities to complete with your child.  There is flexibility in how you complete your modules and access your coaching calls because this is meant to fit into your life.

Want some Tips to get you Started?


Check out my Sound Cues and Transitions Booklet