Learn to Teach your Child Clear Speech

I teach parents a step by step system to make speech practice fun and effective so they can help their child share amazing ideas that everyone can understand.

Parenting a child with a speech disorder can make even the best parents feel guilty, frustrated and overwhelmed.


There is nothing worse than seeing your child struggle.  


You know your child needs help, and to get the best results, you will want to work with your child at home.


This can leave you feeling confused, intimidated, or incompetent if you don't know what to do or how to do it. 


Your child deserves to have the communication skills that will support social and academic success. Not getting the help you need is frustrating. 


With the Speech Sound Synergy Program you can feel:




and Empowered

 To Teach Your Child Clear Speech 

What do I do Next?


Book a call with Rebecca Thompson, Speech-Language Pathologist and creator of Speech Sound Synergy


We will make sure this is a good fit for you and your child


If it's a good fit we will review the course agreement, collect payment and get you started



How does Speech Sound Synergy Work?


Log into the membership site


Start watching 1-2 lessons per week (there are 12 lessons 20-30 minutes each)


Complete guided activities with your child after each lesson


Attend weekly office hours for group coaching (over zoom)


Join the Speech Sound Synergy Facebook Group for added support

Why Now?


Help your child catch up before the gap widens between his/her peers 


Get the tools to practice speech at home and reduce your need for expensive private speech therapy sessions.


Integrate speech practice into your daily life and take less time away from work or school for appointments


Make your child's communication more successful sooner so they can make friends and succeed in school