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"If your child needs help with speech, there is a lot you can do at home."


Speech is a motor task.  Our mouths make rapid accurate movements to create the sounds that we hear as speech.  When these movements are not accurate, speech is distorted and difficult to understand.  


Think about learning to play piano. An instructor teaches finger positions, assigns scales to practice, and in time, you learn a song.  The task is broken down, practiced, made more complex, practiced again, until you're playing a song. 


Most of the time speech develops on its own with very little help.  It's more natural than playing piano. Since most people don't think about how they do it, they don't know how to break it down to teach it to someone else. 


It's pretty complicated, but I’ve made it simple.  


In my digital course, I help parents choose a starting point and break it down into manageable bits that keep their child feeling successful and progressing.  I teach you how to practice in fun, quick, efficient bursts so it’s easy to fit into busy family life. 




Effective Practice = Faster Progress

That means:

Less risk for reading & 

writing difficulties 

Kids with speech disorders are at risk for academic struggles.  Getting their sounds sorted sooner reduces that risk.

More successful peer interactions


When speech clarity is improved kids are better understood by their friends and have more social success.  They also might be less likely to be bullied. 


Quality conversations with adults


Back and forth conversations with adults help kids build vocabulary, expand their sentence complexity, and build explaining and describing skills. These skills create strong communicators for listening and talking as well as reading and writing.  When the adults in a child's life can't understand, language-learning conversations are limited, and really, life is just a little less fun.   




You Can do Speech Practice with your Child at Home



  • A step by step system to transform your child's speech, without behaviour battles or power struggles
  • ​Cues to support your child's success and maintain a positive vibe
  • Guidelines for giving feedback for great gains and happy kids 
  • Practical ways to fit this into your life and keep you going

If you could fast-track your child's speech progress with effective practice at home you could:

  • Take less time away from work for appointments.
  • Spend less money on private speech therapy sessions.
  • Feel less frustrated by wait lists and therapy interruptions.
  • Know you're maximizing your child's potential while having fun.

Parenting a child with a speech disorder can make even the best parents feel frustrated, guilty, and overwhelmed

but you can feel...


Information is power. Learn

about your child's speech development, how to break down goals into manageable steps, and fit fun practice into your life to keep you and your child motivated.  When you have information, everything will seem less overwhelming.  You'll feel confident with a system you can replicate throughout your child's speech journey and eliminate that awful feeling of ineffectiveness.


Parent guilt is everywhere and it can be all-consuming.  The best way to eliminate this is to follow a plan of action where you can see your success. Speech Sound Synergy guides you to personalize the program for you and your child, and teaches you tools to help you troubleshoot along the way. Seeing your child's communication get clearer will assure you that you and your child are on the right track.


Imagine your child was on a waiting list, or your speech therapist took an extended vacation, or you felt disconnected from the therapy your child was receiving. Now imagine you knew your child would be fine.  You could continue working on goals, set new goals, and find fun ways to work it into everyday life. You could shake off all of those frustrations with the "system" and feel empowered to take the lead.

I believe the world needs to hear your child's voice

I'm Rebecca Thompson, creator of Speech Sound Synergy. I’m one of those people who really loves what they do. There is nothing better than helping children share awesome ideas in ways everyone can understand. Sadly, though, the path to clear speech isn’t always an easy one for children or parents.

 I started my career as a Speech-Language Pathologist in a government-funded children’s treatment centre with very long waiting lists. For thirteen years I provided assessment and therapy for children with a variety of communication difficulties, including late talkers, motor speech disorders, childhood apraxia of speech, articulation delays, phonological delays, stuttering, developmental delays, receptive and expressive language delays, and autism. Knowing the importance of early intervention yet seeing little ones wait so many months for help felt wrong to me, both for the children and their parents. There is nothing worse than knowing your child is struggling and not getting the help you need. Along the way, I’ve also had the opportunity to work in the public school system. Here my role was to consult with teachers to address their student’s communication disorders in the classroom. After working closely with parents for so many years, it felt very disconnected to have the teacher as the primary contact. The teachers were addressing 25 students’ needs in the class, but each child is their parent’s number one priority. Having parents so far removed from the equation didn’t add up for me.

In 2012, I decided to move into private practice full time. Here, I had the chance to start working with children at a much earlier age and work more closely with parents to coach them along their way. Being a mother of three myself I know all too well that fitting extra work into a busy life can be stressful. Parents can end up feeling frustrated, guilty, and overwhelmed with the demands of parenting children with communication disorders. My mission is to equip parents with a path to lead their child to clear speech, help them feel assured that they are doing the right thing, and empower them as they nurture the next generation of communicators so we can have clear voices for a better tomorrow.

Here's What Parents Say about

Speech Sound Synergy 


"It really helped my husband and I work together. We both watched the lessons so we were on the same page when we were working on our son’s speech.... We practiced more because we both knew what to do."

        -   Melissa



"It’s funny.  I expected it to help with my son with a speech delay, but it really helped with my older son too. I got some ideas that were simple, but made a big difference to getting my kids to do their speech work and  their homework." 

       -   Maria



"I've learned so much.  I'm always thinking about how my mouth is moving when I'm talking now.  It's funny.  I really know how to help at home now and it's making a big difference"

       -   Heather

Here's How We Teach it

Speech Sound Synergy is presented in three phases

  • Inform

    Learn to take what your child loves and turn it into therapy activities, choose a goal and formulate a plan.

  • Perform

    Put your plan into action, track your progress, and learn lots of tools for troubleshooting the inevitable bumps in the road.

  • Transform

    Learn how and when to choose a new goal, how to help your child use their new sounds in conversation, and how to get flexible so this can all fit for you and your family. 

Help your child share amazing ideas in ways everyone can understand.